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Coronado Performing Arts Center Gets All New Equipment

Coronado Community Foundation Seeks to Fulfill Community Needs, Engage Coronado Community As It Forges Path Forward

Janine Zuñiga

May 2023

The projector barely worked, presentations were glitchy and the speakers sounded muffled. The weak lighting was the icing on the cake for crews struggling to stage productions at the 570-seat main stage theater at the high school.

With an audio-visual system well past its useful life and only part of the funding identified for a complete upgrade at the largest and most widely used theatrical venue in the city, a solution was desperately needed – and a fledgling foundation stepped up.

The Coronado Community Foundation, established in 2021, forged a collaboration with Performing Arts Center partners and empowered them to work together. As part of its mission, the Foundation seeks to build philanthropy within Coronado, encourage residents to get involved, and work with local nonprofits to better meet the needs of the community. It is currently working to establish its path forward.


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