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Make a gift in support of a local non-profit organization: 

Call CCF or email us and we will connect you with the organization of your choice.  As always, should you need help, we stand ready to assist you to identify the organization that best meets your objectives.


You may make a general gift to the Coronado Community Foundation to support our efforts to improve the community.  We use funds to support military families, the environment, local arts/culture, local economic development and social services.  You can designate which of the areas that should benefit from your gifts.

Donate by check: 


Send your check to Coronado Community Foundation at 1001 B Ave. Suite 317, Coronado CA 92118.  Send a short note explaining how you would like the gift to be used.  You can give to existing funds or organizations as noted above or create a fund.  Questions?  Call CCF at 619-389-5280 and leave a message.  We will promptly return the call.

Donate by Credit Card: 


Call CCF at 619-389-5280, and we will return your call to gather card information and gift details.  Or you can donate via credit card online by clicking the button below:

Donate by Wire Transfer: 

CCF accepts wire cash transfers at Chase Bank, 1000 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA 92118.  Please identify the amount and institution the wire transfer will come from, and a contact name and phone number for the wiring institution.   Contact us at 619-389-5280 for assistance or email

Donate appreciated Stock: 


Donating appreciated securities often allows donors to make a larger philanthropic impact, and to receive greater tax advantages than donating cash or selling stock and donating the proceeds.  Donating appreciated stock lets you bypass capital gains tax yet you still may deduct the fair market value of your gift.   Call or email CCF for assistance.


We have a a brokerage account. In advance of your stock gift, we need to know the:

  • Area of giving or existing fund named

  • Stock type

  • Number of shares and/or approximate value

  • Your broker’s name, address and phone number

  • Type if account the shares are coming from


Special donation tip for those over 70 and ½:

You may donate directly from your existing IRA and forego paying income tax on the withdrawal.  The gift must be made directly from your IRA to the CCF.  Call or email us for details!  



mber of” mean?


Call us at 619-389-5280 or email us at

We look forward to connecting!


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